Children’s Mental Health and Special Needs Services

Mental Health

Compassionate and tailored Mental Health support – because with the right support and care, any child with a mental health need can flourish.

First Option Healthcare is committed to providing the personalised services and support you and your child’s needs and aspirations. We work closely with multiple health professionals and specialist community services to develop solutions that provide the right support, at the right time.

Our Mental Health specialists offer compassionate, impartial advice and can discuss your specific concerns and requirements. The bespoke, client-centred support services we provide include children with the following conditions:

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Severe communication difficulties
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s
  • Learning Disabilities leading to challenging behaviour
  • Global Developmental Delay

Enabling children and their families to live life fully

We understand that mental health needs manifest in different ways and are always evolving, which is why we continually assess our clients to make sure their care reflects their changing needs. Our team of specialists are always on hand to review when this is needed, ensuring the best and most effective support is provided.

  • Intensive support delivered by highly skilled teams in safe and suitable environments
  • Challenging Behaviour specialists to provide individual support plans that are tailored to the individual
  • Highly trained staff in Team Teach, De-escalation, Positive Behaviour Support Plans, Communication and Break Away techniques
  • Provision of early interventions and preventative measures
  • Community partnerships to ensure that people with mental health needs can return to previous settings or alternative community residence when appropriate
  • Contingency planning developed in partnership with the people we support, families and professionals, to prepare for and manage risks

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Learning Disabilities – Autism & Challenging Behaviour

Everyone’s experience of living with a learning disability is unique. Our specialist care teams are dedicated to empowering each child to enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

First Option Healthcare recognises that every child has specific strengths, aspirations and challenges. We are dedicated to providing care for children with a wide range of learning disabilities, including Autism and those with challenging behaviours – these can include hurting others, self-injury, and a variety of other destructive behaviours.

Our bespoke approach is focused upon providing exceptional levels of care in the home and in the community, helping children to develop new skills, strengthen independence and thrive – improving the quality of life for the whole family.

  • Staying Independent – We provide highly trained and specialist carers that encourage and promote people with complex or severe learning difficulties to stay active and carry out daily tasks
  • Encouraging development – Assistance with Education provision for schools or colleges or in the home
  • Keeping you connected – First Option Healthcare provides the support to meet friends and family and explore the local community
  • Achieving your goals – Empowering children with learning difficulties to enjoy activities, discover new hobbies, and lead purposeful and fulfilling lives
  • Personal homecare and community services – All tailored to meet individual needs
  • Adaptive support – Our continuous review process adapts to daily and long-term changes to symptoms and abilities associated with Autism and learning disabilities

Providing the ongoing tailored care and support you need

A dedicated clinical team assesses each individual case prior to developing a bespoke care management plan. Specialist trained staff dedicated to patient welfare are then selected to meet specific clinical requirements. Regular plan reviews ensure any changes in condition and abilities are reflected in the support provided.

  • Comprehensive care, with day-time and night-time support
  • Tailored support to meet your unique requirements, including live-in care and respite care
  • Safe open environment that improves communication and life skills
  • Communication training ensuring that all staff are given the tools to effectively communicate in specialist care
  • Specialist training to ensure the highest levels of care


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